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U.S. Government Buyer or Contracting officer

  • Sourcing Excellence
  • In-house contract management and packaging
  • Stocking strategies – reduce your lead times
  • Exceptional socio-economic status, available to meet & exceed your buying goals

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OEM or Manufacturer

  • Increase your market share
  • Contract Management to US Government and their large-business contractors
  • We stock your product to reduce customer lead times
  • Hands-on understanding of your product and its application
  • Favorable Payment Terms

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Aircraft or Component MRO

  • End-to-end facility standup
  • Equipment sourcing and setup
  • Reverse engineering & design of obsolete tooling & test equipment
  • Custom designed test equipment
  • Custom tooling design and manufacturing
  • ERP and process best practice implementation

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Large Business Prime Contractor

  • Subject-matter experts in logistics program planning and analysis:
    • Inventory right-size
    • Part pricing & Sourcing modeling
    • Maintenance organization
    • Supply chain modeling
  • Export Compliance
  • Platform-specific knowledge
    • KC-135
    • T-6
    • UH-1
    • F-15
    • F-16
    • C-130
    • T-56
    • Variety of commercial platforms (737, 747, 757, 767, 777)

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